Terrier Dog Breeds

Meet the Terrier Dog Breeds: High Energy & High Spirits!

Bred for hunting and killing vermin, terrier dogs aren’t your average cuddly lap dog. They are not aggressive but are not shy wall flowers by any means. They are definitely alert and very spirited. From the funny little pals to the more aggressive pups, terrier dogs have a multitude of dispositions. The spectrum of temperaments is wide. Some terriers are loyal protectors, some make great guardians. Many dogs from this breed can easily determine well-intentioned strangers from those who mean harm. 

Highly Trainable Dogs

One of the major features terrier dogs have is their capability to respond well to training. In fact, some types are endowed with natural intelligence which makes them fit for obedience training and ring shows. Some terriers with this disposition need lots of activities that would challenge them mentally. Those included in this type must be given enough training so as to refrain them from being destructive out of boredom. Unlike larger breeds though with much intelligence, most terrier dogs will not make as much damage. 

Different personalities 

Some terrier dogs are fun loving and humorous. They provide entertainment for their families. Some terriers to boss other pets around. The bull terrier types are more prone to this type of behavior. Many dogs of this family breed still retain the terrier’s original hunting instinct. They are very affectionate pets and love their humans. 

Subgroups of the terrier breed

Show Terriers: these are basically bred as small dogs and are used for show rings. 

Bull Terrier Types : these came from breeding between bulldogs and terriers. 

Hunting and Working Terriers: the breed that was primarily bred for hunting. 

Toy Terriers: these are the smaller versions of terriers and companion breeds. 

From the funny little pals to the more aggressive ones, terrier dogs definitely have a wide spectrum of temperaments and dispositions that anyone would find interesting. Beware though for some can be very mischievous while others can display timidity. One of the major features terrier dogs have is their capability to respond well to training.Social terriers meanwhile should be given enough social environment so as to ready them as they mature. Most terriers with this disposition tend to dominate other dogs when they have come to their ideal age to assume authority. The bull terrier types could best display this temperament. Surprisingly, some of the smallest terriers are among the toughest. Take the case of Cairn dogs. These dogs pack a big punch in a small body.  

Some Terrier Dogs That You Would Find Interesting

These dogs came from the British Isles where they were first oriented to hunting fox, rat, otter and other vermins. As its name suggests, “terrier” came from the word “terra” which means, “earth”. There are various breeds that you should get to know. Let us introduce a few: 

Airedale Terrier

airedale terrier in a field licking its nose The Airedale is the largest dog in the Terrier breed. This dog is beautiful and elegant which makes it a great candidate for dog shows. A cross-breed between Otterhound and Black and Tan Terrier, the Airedale has inherited a great sense of smell and amazing swimming abilities. 

Australian Terrier

australian terrier The Australian Terrier is a cross breed between the forerunner of Dandie Dinmont and rough coated terrier. It is said to have come from England and to have made it to Australia. Once in Australia, the breed evolved into a smaller terrier type that is both a great watchdog and ratter. These little dogs live up to 14 years.  

Border Terrier

border terrier This medium build terrier is agile and alert. They are great little hunting dogs that fit through narrow spots. Border terriers are very affectionate and make good family pets.

Bull Terrier

adorable all white bull terrier with a heart nose Originally bred for dog fighting and bull baiting, this dog is known for its courage and high pain tolerance. Most breeders pivoted toward milder dogs once dog fights were banned in England around the 1800’s. Bull Terriers come from fighting dogs crossed with Dalmatians. This new breed was all-white which earned it the nickname “White Cavalier”.

Smooth Fox Terriers

Smooth Fox Terriers are versatile: these dogs are great in farm settings or in urban homes. These smart dogs are easy to train and absolutely love their masters. 

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

Less aggressive but definitely not timid. This best describes Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers. These dogs are incredibly energetic and are always on high alert.

The Norwich Terrier

This breed is a type of dog that resulted from breeding small Terriers with other smaller breeds, possibly Yorkshire Terriers. Maintenance of Norwich Terrier is minimal and they are content with modest living quarters. Affectionate and fearless, these happy little canines make great companions.

Norfolk Terriers 

High-spirited, fearless, charming and always ready for game time; that sums up Norfolk terriers. You can tell the Norfolk and the Norwich terrier apart easily by checking the ears. While both may have some similar physical characteristics, Norfolks can still be distinguished through their folds in the ears.

Kerry Blue Terriers

Basically workman-like dogs, Kerry Blue Terriers are excellent watchdogs and work well in farm settings. This dog got its name from its blue-shade coat color which was originally black during puppyhood.

Wire Fox Terriers

Wire Fox Terriers have excellent endurance capabilities and speed. Alertness and quick movements are the dominant expressions of this dog type. Owners should train their dogs and make sure they get plenty of daily exercise.

Parson Russell Terrier

Bold, clever and exuberant: that’s the Parson Russell Terrier in 3 words. These dogs need formal obedience training since they are incredibly playful and have a high hunting drive.

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