Does Transavia Accept Dogs? Airline Travel Policy

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The airline accepts pets! Indeed, Transavia is one of the airlines that accepts the transport of animals. There are conditions for cabin and hold travel.

Requirements to Travel With a Dog:

  • The animal must be at least 3 months and 21 days old.
  • The animal must travel accompanied by a human passenger.

Transavia Allows Dogs to Travel in the Cabin

Here are the requirements you should know about :

Your dog must travel in a cage or carrier bag. Your pet must be placed under your seat. Complete prohibition to open the bag or move it. We can bring a hand luggage in addition to the dog. That’s good to know because that’s not the case for all airlines.

Cabin Travel Only For Snub Nosed Breeds of Dogs

Animals with a short snout (often called a snub nose) are only allowed in the cabin. A trip is stressful for an animal. If we add to this breathing difficulties that can be experienced at high altitudes, it is understandable that Transavia does not want to take any risks with snub-nosed animals. Indeed, they are known to have some breathing difficulties. This concerns:

  • The pugs
  • The boxers
  • The bulldogs
  • The Pekingese
  • Persian cats
  • Conditions for the bag or travel cage for cabin flights
  • In addition, a travel bag must comply with the following conditions:

Bag Requirements For Cabin Travel

  • It must be an official bag, like those sold in pet stores or on Amazon. No DIY.
  • The bag must be able to close completely
  • The bag must have ventilation holes
  • The pet must be able to look outside the bag
  • Your dog must have enough space in the bag to move
  • Dimensions of the bag or travel cage for cabin flights
  • Length 47 cm x width 30 cm x height 27 cm max
  • Maximum weight accepted in the cabin
  • The weight may not exceed 10 kg, including the bag

How Much Does it Cost to Fly With a Dog in the Cabin With Transavia?

40 € per one-way ticket.

Emotional Support Animals

Dogs and cats with a medical certificate less than one year old, issued by a psychiatrist attesting to the need to have a companion animal, may fly free of charge in the cabin.

Policy for Emotion Support Dogs

  • The emotional support animal must be in good standing and on a leash at all times.
  • The animal cannot occupy an additional seat or obstruct emergency exits or corridors.

Flying With a Dog in the Hold

Dogs and cats can be transported in the hold or in the cabin. Transavia has a section dedicated to animals that is heated in the hold. This part of the aircraft is equipped with a climate and pressure control system. It is important that the cage meets the standards of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Dimensions Requirements for the Dog Transport Cage

  • Length 102 cm x width 69 cm x height 76 cm max.
  • Maximum weight of the dog in the hold
  • The dog and the transport cage must weigh a maximum of 75 kg in total
  • It is important to ensure that your dog can stand in the cage, turn in the cage and lie comfortably.
  • No toys in the cage
  • The cage must be made of fiberglass or hard plastic
  • Metal or wooden cages are prohibited
  • You can put a blanket or newspapers on the ground

Price to Travel With a Dog in the Hold

60 € per one-way ticket, 120 euros for a round trip.

Number of Animals Allowed Per Passenger

You can book a maximum of 2 pets per person per flight.

Fighting Dogs Are Prohibited on Transavia

Here is the list of fighting or attack dogs that are prohibited on Transavia flights:

  • American Staffordshire terriers (pitbulls) or comparable dogs (e. g. Staffordshire Terriers or Bull Terriers);
  • Mastiffs, or comparable dogs;
  • Tosas, or comparable dogs;
  • Rottweilers, or comparable dogs.

Pet Travel Documents Required

  • A passport if the country of origin produces one. The passport must have the following information in it:
  • Proof of vaccination against rabies (vaccination at least 21 days before the day of departure).
  • The information required by the destination country.
  • A microchip (or a tattoo done before July 3, 2011 still visible).
  • For visits to Malta, proof of de-worming treatment between 5 and 24 hours before departure is also required.

Tips for travelling with your dog on Transavia

  • It is necessary to find out about the conditions of transport in the country of destination.
  • You must take your dog out to do his business shortly before departure.
  • You must be careful not to feed or drink your dog less than 2 hours before departure or you may have a bad surprise on arrival…

Prohibited Countries :

Transavia cannot transport pets in some countries because local airports do not accept them. Here is the list of destinations where Transavia does not accept to transport dogs:

  • The United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • United Arab Emirates
  • …and Chambéry in France…
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